Desensetin – Gel for topical anesthesia

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  • Volume: jar 30 ml (35 g)


Contains lidocaine hydrochloride (15%)

Pain relief:

  • of mucous tunic prior to injection
  • of soft tissues in case of subgingival dental deposits removal
  • of tissues in case of minimally invasive surgeries in the oral cavity
  • in case of primary teeth removal,
  • in case of teeth eruption, and vomiting reflex suppression
  • in treatment of stomatitis, erosive and ulcerative lesions of oral mucous tunic


  • Ultrafast effect (10-15 sec.) on receptors in the application spot
  • Easy to apply on mucous tunic
  • Secures painlessness of a procedure within 20 minutes
  • 4 Pleasant flavours + neutral


gel – jar 30 ml (35 g)


Xylonor gel - Septodont, France; Lidoxor – Omega-Dent, Russia

Clinical indications

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