Desensetin – Liquid for topical anesthesia

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  • Volume: spray bottle 15 ml


Contains lidocaine hydrochloride (10%)

Indications for use:

  • Injection site anesthesia
  • Anesthesia in case of minimally invasive surgeries in the oral cavity
  • Gag reflex elimination
  • Applicable for paedodontics


  • Convenient attachment
  • Time saving: it is possible to shorten three-stage anesthesia method to two stages

Important information:

  • One pump press sprays 0.12-0.15 ml of liquid
  • Topical anesthesia occurs in 10 seconds
  • At a distance of 1 cm of the surface one pump press processes (25x25) mm2 area; in case of spraying near the surface - (10x10) mm2


spray bottle 15 ml


Clinical indications

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