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  • Volume: syringe 5 ml


Suspension for hard tissue desensetization

Contains arginine, calcium phosphate, sodium fluoride

Indications for use:

  • Dental hard tissues hyperesthesia reduction
  • Prevention of caries


  • Immediate and reliable hard tissue desensitization, sealing and reconstruction of enamel microdefect
  • Deep penetration of a medication into the dentinal tubules
  • Pleasant refreshing flavour
  • Multipurpose usefulness: applications, trays

Important information:

Having high buffer capacity and ability to selective ionization Arginine counteracts pH change. Penetrating into dentinal tubules and microdefects arginine forms a complex compound that precipitates in a microdefect, seals off and bars irritants. Calcium phosphate as a part of the medication is a source of calcium and phosphorous in a ratio required for hard tissues consolidation. 

Research techniques and targets:

3 groups of 25 persons each (20 men and 55 women of 18-45 years old). The information is provided by Dental Polyclinic No.18 of Saint Petersburg.


Administration of a suspension containing arginine and calcium phosphate results in prompt sensibility reduction with a prolonged effect especially when using the method of rubbing the medication on the sensitive spots of teeth with a finger.


syringe 5 ml


Clinical indications

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