Ftor-Lux Fluoride Varnish

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  • Volume: 13 ml bottle with a dropper-cap


Contains calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride, aminefluoride

Indications for use:

  • Cervical dentin hypersensitivity, hypersensitivity of "live" tooth prepared for a crown
  • Teeth sensitivity after restoration, preparation, dental deposit removal, enamel polishing or teeth whitening
  • Prevention of primary teeth or wisdom teeth caries
  • Fissure protection at the time of their genesis


  • Immediate pain reduction for patients
  • Promoting hard tooth tissues remineralization
  • High concentration of fluoride ions

Sodium fluoride

restores the chemical equilibrium of the liquid (saliva), preventing enamel demineralization.

Calcium fluoride

in the acid medium of the oral cavity serves as prolonged and stable source of calcium and fluoride ions.


an organic compound with enhanced fluoridation – ensures immediate formation of calcium fluoride globules on the enamel surface, prevents calcium lossand reduces permeability of  the enamel.


13 ml bottle with a dropper-cap


Clinical indications

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