Ftor-Lux Kit for deep-penetration fluoridation of enamel and dentine

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  • Volume: 10 ml bottle with a dropper-cap, 10 ml bott le with a pipett e-cap


Based on magnesium fluosilicate and calcium hydroxide

Indications for use:

  • Treatment of dentine of deep cavities and protection of pulp before filling
  • Prevention of primary and secondary caries, white spot caries
  • Fissure sealing without preparation of the enamel
  • Treatment of hard tooth tissues in treatment of periodontitis


  • Persistent and reliable (is not brushed away with toothpaste)
  • Prolonged bactericidal activity
  • Immediate relief of hypersensitivity in patients
  • Prolonged maintenance of fluoride ions concentration and ensuring long-term remineralization


10 ml bottle with a dropper-cap, 10 ml bottle with a pipette-cap


Clinical indications

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